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Renegade Hall of Fame

Click on this link to view a list of our swimmers, past and present, who have represented our team at prestigious events such as Junior Olympics, Western Zones, and the All-Star Team.  As we continue to grow, we hope to include participation in Far Westerns, Sectionals, Juniors, and the USA National Championship Meets.

Renegade Hall of Fame

Team Mission Statement

The mission of Renegade Aquatics is to provide a safe environment and strong foundation for growth, for all levels of swimmers, so that our participants develop an appreciation for the sport of swimming, respect for their teammates and competitors, and a goal to reach their fullest potential.

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Team Vision

The vision for Renegade Aquatics' swim program is to create an atmosphere which encourages our athletes to set goals, train for those goals in a safe environment, and to meet or exceed those goals by the end of each season.  Our entry level novice swimmers will be introduced to our sport in an fun, supportive, and educational setting - where they will learn the basic fundamentals of swimming technique, be encouraged to compete in meets, and learn about the tremendous history of USA Swimming.  Our more advanced swimmers will focus on their training so that they can represent our team at the highest level possible:  LSC championships (including Junior Olympics), Zones and All Star teams, Sectionals, and hopefully someday National championship meets and Olympic Trials.  All of our swimmers will strive to promote sportsmanship and show respect to their teammates, coaches, parents, competitors, officials, and spectators.

The Renegade Aquatics coaching staff will make every effort to create an environment where the parents trust us to work with your children and allow us to maximize the potential in each individual swimmer.  The coaches will seek educational opportunities which will allow them to keep up to date with the latest training techniques.  And the coaches will make themselves available to parents and swimmers to answer any questions about our program.

The parents in Renegade Aquatics will strive to be supportive of our swimmers and coaches, providing encouragement and volunteering whenever possible to help improve our program.  Parents are often asked to work at swim meets:  as timers, officials, or a variety of other positions.  And there are numerous opportunities to help with team administration.

If we think of our program as a triangle (with athletes, coaches, and parents each comprising a side of the triangle), and each side supports and recognizes the importance of the other two sides, we will build the foundation for a very successful swim program - one that will continue to grow and offer tremendous opportunities for the children of San Diego's North County!

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Practice Location and Times

Renegade Aquatics now trains at two locations in Escondido:  the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater San Diego Baker Branch (835 W. 15th Ave) and Washington Park pool (501 N. Rose St).

At Baker, our team practices are Monday through Friday.  Our PE/novice session for home school and charter students  runs from 3:00 to 4:00 with all other training groups starting at 4:00PM.  The outdoor pool is 6-lanes, 25 yards, and heated when necessary.  When entering the branch, please inform the front desk that you wish to be directed to the pool deck - and try not to disturb any of the children in the after school program.

Washington Park is a 7-lane, 25 yard heated municipal pool.  Our practices are held Monday through Friday, 5:00 to 7:00 (sometimes modified for pool conflicts with high school events).


USA Swimming Safe Sport Program

Protecting our children is everyone's responsibility - coaches, parents, and volunteers.  USA Swimming, with a goal of creating a positive experience and a safe environment for all athletes, has developed a Code of Conduct which must be followed at all levels of our organization - within the club, while traveling and competing in swim meets, all the way up to the national level of our sport.

For more detailed information on this initiative, click on the Safe Sport logo at the left.  There is a lot of information to read, but keep in mind the bottom line:  the safety and well-being of your child.

Everyone should have received a copy of our team policies as it relates to team code of conduct, team travel, electronic communication, and bullying prevention.  If you ever need to review them, they are located on the Helpful Links tab at the each web page.  As always, if there are every any questions please contact our head coach - John McGlynn.

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Policies and Procedures

  • All participants must register with USA Swimming (USA-S) within 2 weeks of joining our program.  This registration fee is non-refundable.  Items which must be submitted include:  original birth certificate (if first time registering with USA-S), completed annual or seasonal registration form, and a check for the required fee.  In order for Renegade Aquatics to meet the insurance requirements set forth by USA-S, all swimmers must be registered.

  • Monthly Team Fees are to be paid by the first of each month (ie, paid during the last week of the preceding month).  Invoices will be distributed about two weeks prior to the due date.  It is imperative that these fees be paid on time so that we can pay our rental and utility fees to the Boys & Girls Club.

  • Non-payment of team fees past their due date, which is the first practice of each month, may necessitate non-participation for the swimmer(s) until payment is received.

  • Meet Entry Fees are in addition to the monthly team fees.  By commiting to attend a swim meet, the parent(s) agree to reimburse the Club if the Club has paid the entry fees for the meet.  If your children do not participate in the meet, the entry fees must still be paid - because the host team does not provide refunds.  If meet fees are not paid in advance of or during the meet, the fees will be included on the next monthly statement.

  • Any checks returned to Renegade Aquatics for non-sufficient funds will be subject to a $15.00 additional charge.

  • Each family will be asked to read and sign the following documents:  Swimmer Code of Conduct, Team Travel Policy, Medical and Liability Releases.  They should also review our policies regarding Electronic Communications and Anti-Bullying.

  • All swimmers registered with Renegade Aquatics are expected to compete in swim meets offered at their ability level.  If qualified, the swimmers are to represent the team at the championship meets (including relays).

  • Each swimmer must wear a Renegade Aquatics team shirt and swim cap (optional for boys) when competing at meets.  A solid black Speedo is the preferred team suit for competition.  The team has a sponsorship agreement with Speedo, so please make every effort to purchase this brand of training equipment from local vendors.

  • By its nature, swim meets rely on volunteers.  If assigned any responsibilities by a host team, our parents agree to fill the positions for the requested period of time.

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